Monday, 30 October 2017

About that URSA Award at last!

Well, as promised last post, more about the URSA Award:

After a frustrating wait as the package made its way slowly through customs, it finally arrived and it really was worth the wait. The package contained not just the two awards but a load of other gifts, each beautifully wrapped.

There was a pen, a winner's badge, even a magic towel with a bear on it. But of course, the awards were the real stars. First, there was the award for getting first place in her category - a lovely perspex trophy in a smart box. And then....and then the big one - the URSA Major Best Overall award - a big, heavy glass trophy in a beautiful, lined box. Here they are:

We're now trying to decide where to put them to show them off without risking damaging them! A big thank you to Valerie at Bears and Buds online magazine for hosting the awards and for sending Dawn such a beautiful package of goodies.

Next time, some details of our forthcoming trip to Skipton for Crafts In The Pen, our biggest craft fair so far.

                                                Chris xx

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